Sunday Update

I've been on antibiotics for two days and my fever has gone down. Monday we will do some tests to see if the infection is in my esophagus. Its like a mission to Mars. They'll send a spaceship, collect some dust take some rocks. Snap a bunch of pictures. Having all that info they will know which treatment to use. (Right now im just on a broad spectrum antibiotic) so that means it looks like im here untill Tuesday.Also I fear this bumps me off of chemo treatment and I will have to wait for my numbers to be good before I can go to chemo again. I have my fingers crossed but I won't  know untill I meet with my oncologist. So.... hurry up and wait. I'll  know more details on Tuesday.A big THANK YOU to everyone who has written and posted and sent woo/vibes/prayers.... your words give me energy and strength please keep sending and I will keep turning that energy into a great day. I'm  listening to Grant Green (Iron City) and eating blueberries, blackberries and  strawberri…

Come on Down!

You're the next contestant on the worst game show ever.Long story short. I was feeling amazing and then I wasn't. On Thursday evening I developed a fever and we were given clear black and white instructions that if the fever is a certain number ( 100.4... I think) then to call the clinic  and go to the emergency room. At the emergency room I learned I had a neutropenic fever... Friday morning I learned I also had/have sepsis. My white blood cells. My red blood cells. And my platleets among other things were at their lowest because of chemo, and I got an infection.I'm  here for the weekend. I am being giving antibiotics and I feel  a little bit better today.Thank God for Tammy who came home from work, took one look at me, took my temperature and threw my ass in the car.I'm singing Nina Simone and eating ice cream.  Feel free to pray for me and my caregivers. Tammy and Peg have had a long week,....they need your mojo just as much or more than I do.
I'll get this infec…

Word of the day: Nadir

na·dirˈnādər,ˈnādir/noun1.  an extreme state of adversity; the lowest point of anything
What Is Nadir?When discussing chemotherapy side effects often you will hear the word nadir, mainly in reference to the blood counts, particularly white blood cell count and platelet count.  Nadir basically means low point. Typically occurs 10 days after chemo treatment.

Chemo Update

*1st update. 3 days out from chemo. I've been having trouble posting from my phone to blogger..... So this is a bit of a test. Chemo is tough. We went in and got treatment. Came home. Felt fine Tuesday. Then Wednesday I did not feel fine. It feels like the flu. But worse. It is death. I just hope it passed its claws through all the cancer cells as well.
Tamm sprung into action. Got me new medicine. Stayed with me and I am starting to feel better. Its going to be a long week. I am grateful for my wife, my doctors, my friends, and my puppy....
*2nd update... 5 days out from chemo. looks like I can only post text from my phone. (No pix) hmmm.... I've never felt anything like that. Worst feeling ever. With medicine and time it passes.... I feel better every day. I'm  eating again and painting. And I still feel sick at times for sure. So, here I am.
Sitting on the other side of chemo treatment. I learned a lot. I'm  starting to plan my week and pack it with goodness. I&#…

Stop Breathe & Think

I've been talking to a few people about my new habit of meditating.  I find that it is very very useful in reducing and eliminating stress.
I avoid a lot of the mumbo jumbo. I focus mainly on breathing. I like the "Stop, Breathe & Think"  app for these reasons.
Mainly it is super easy to use. It helps me identify a single topic to work on and I get to pick how long I want to meditate. Check it out, and be good to yourself.

Also - go get a puppy

Flight of the Beard


Yoshimi Showed Up

From last week,.....
Today went very well. (Just a quick note to thank you all for your love and support) It feels incredible to kill cancer cells. When I got to the machine they asked me what music I would like to listen to. (Pandora)
........Flaming Lips I said. It took them 20 plus minutes to line me up. Level the lasers. Match the tattoos, marker lines, and tape all over my chest to the scans that were taken last week. Then they air sealed and vacuum packed me down to the table so I was immobilized. This machine shoots radiation. It is a CT scan and God only knows what else, I look up at the sensors, cameras and lights on the ceiling ..... as all of those machine arms start to spin around me simultaneously, I hear someone say "Your scan starts now.".... and that is when this song started.
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part.1